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100lotricons's Journal

100 Icons From LOTR Challenge
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1. Join the community
2. Make a claim, if it is taken then get on the waiting list here
3. You have 12 weeks to complete
4. post your icons, please post in this format:

5. Once you are finished post at the hall of fame and you will receive a banner for your completed work.

Other important things
1. You can only make one claim at a time. Reason is there is a limited amount of things to claim, so I want to be fair if someone else would like to claim.
2. Up to 2 people can claim the same thing. Also, I will allow someone to claim Eowyn and then someone to claim the ladies of LOTR. You can claim objects, places and even the actors themselves as it is LOTR related. So if you choose to do Elijah then you can make the pics with him, but no pics from LOTR. Just pics of him. And vice versa, if you choose Frodo then no pics of him. Just makes it less complicated.
3. You will have 12 weeks to complete. So have fun!
4. Please do not post icons from another challenge here. I want it to be new icons that you made for this challenge and just have fun with it.
5. If you have any other questions that I have not answered here then comment here and I will answer it.

1. Love 2. Lust 3. Hope 4. Desire 5. Misery 6. Smile 7. Happiness 8. Kiss 9. Blue 10. Green 11. Red 12. Fire 13. Ring 14. Fury 15. Crazy 16. Water 17. Flowers 18. Home 19. Alone 20. Magical 21. Embrace 22. Sorrow 23. Wet 24. Colorful 25. Black & White 26. Brightness 27. Wicked 28. All Is Wrong 29. All Is Right 30. Secrets 31. Lost 32. Laughter 33. Celebration 34. Friends 35. Family 36. Forgotten 37. Time 38. Why 39. Joy 40. Naughty 41. Beautiful 42. Reminisce 43. Battle 44. All That I Am 45. Tears 46. Courage 47. Light 48. Sleep 49. Hate 50. Memory

For the table code, go here

Good luck!

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